Traceability is an old concept

Largely covered at the level of the companies (internal traceability), it is deployed today at the level of the whole sectors (external traceability). A traceability project must take into account all the “business” dimensions of the sector concerned:

>> The objectives sought in relation to sanitary and/or logistical and/or regulatory traceability.

>> The existing practices between the actors.

>> The processes involved.

>> The characteristics of product and information flows.

>> The human, technical and economic constraints of the actors.

>> The modalities for exercising traceability (governance, economic model, etc.).

The coverage of traceability issues at the level of the supply chain requires the information systems of the players to be interoperable in order to act as quickly as possible in case of need (checks on origin, product recalls, etc.). This highlights the need to propose solutions based on standard devices.

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