Predell, your business partner for your traceability and data exchanges.

The computerized data exchange and Traceability have been at the heart of Predell’s business since 2003, which is why we offer services aimed at optimizing your data exchanges. Predell offers you personalized and adapted solutions, designed to meet the needs of your business. From the expression of needs to the operation of your systems, through deployment or realization, we develop unique projects, optimized for your system and according to your business requirements.

Our strength for over 20 years now? Our expertise.   

For this, our experts rely on 4 key points:

Our services cover your projects,
no matter their progress level.

Solutions designed
to fit your EDI/Middleware and Traceability needs.

A well-established expertise
with a staff of over 40 collaborators assisting, you for over 20 years.

Efficient project management
using tried-and-true methods.

Our solutions and services

Rapidly grasp your challenges with our unique traceability portal, customizable to your business requirements.

Optimize your business processes by automating information flows with your business partners.

Be supported in all your EDI projects, Predell is one of the largest TradeXpress integrators.

Choose a simple and modern solution for connecting, integrating, and automating B2B workflows.

With Predell’s MuleSoft certification, you can benefit from an integration platform to connect your data, applications, and systems.

By allowing information systems to communicate directly with each other, all commercial transactions between customers and suppliers are carried out more quickly, without data entry errors and with greater security. Based on international standards, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) offers many performance and cost-saving opportunities.

Keeping track of all components, all transformations, all additions, all movements applied to a product or batch of products from the first stages of its manufacture to its sale to the final consumer. Today, traceability is not limited to the company, it applies to entire industries. Hence the need for standard rules and technological means to make information systems interoperable. The stakes are high: economic consequences in the event of an incident, image of the company or the industry, or even the health of consumers.

Predell in a few words

Predell’s mission is to support you in your B2B digital transformation and traceability.

distinct areas of expertise: EDI and Traceability.

years of experience.

experts supporting you.

Dedicated consultants are available to provide you with advice, skills, and expert insight to successfully carry out your project and achieve your objectives through solutions tailored to your business. Specifically, we offer a wide range of services: consulting, auditing, training, EDI deployment, electronic invoicing, TMA, traceability, supply chain, etc.

Predell offers a set of high-quality services, regardless of your industry. We work with all types of clients, from SMEs to CAC 40 companies, and support them in their digital projects.

Do you have a project, a question?

Do not hesitate to tell us about your project for
that together we bring it to life!