A platform with multiple possibilities

Our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) EDI platform Predell On Demand is based on the Arcesb integration technology. This technology is open to a multitude of connectors and exchange formats. Associated with this technology, a portal developed by our Publishing division allows users to interact with the platform.

Predell On Demand operates all types of EDI and API flows. It offers our customers the technical robustness of dematerialization as well as real-time visualization of exchange statuses based on their business data.

Our Predell On Demand service offering can be adapted to the size of your organization and the level of your requirements. All our teams (Support, Deployment, Middleware, Edition) are able to intervene in different ways:

Proactivity thanks to a permanent monitoring allowing to anticipate the potential incidents related in particular to the implemented hardware and network resources.
Reactivity by intervening immediately following the triggering of alarms integrated into the platform.
Scalability by supporting you in the implementation of new flows or exchanges with new partners.

An agile solution to facilitate your exchanges

Predell On Demand addresses all middleware issues from the source application(s) to the target application(s). The applications can be internal to the company (EAI) or external (EDI). The objects exchanged can be files (standardized or not) or data flows via APIs. At each step of the processing (transformation, merge, split, etc.) in our Predell On Demand platform, the events are recorded and displayed in a Message Trace portal. A portal that we have developed specifically for your needs.

Thanks to Predell On Demand, it is possible to instantly retrace the path of a flow with a technical or business-oriented vision via our portal integrated into the platform.

Predell On Demand is based on a highly scalable market solution (Arcesb) with an integrated mapping tool and a multitude of components available now:

Formats / Standards: EDIFACT, REST, JSON, HL7, X12, EXCEL, SOAP, etc.

Protocols / Connectors: AS2, AS4, X400, Azure BLOB, OFTP, SAP TRFC, SFTP, SQL, Sharepoint, etc.

Predell On Demand benefits from reliable hosting thanks to the Scaleway datacenter (Iliade Group) as well as Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) developed in collaboration with.

Concrete benefits, adaptability and transparent pricing

The Predell On Demand platform is a turnkey data exchange solution for all your business needs, regardless of your industry or the size of your organization. With Predell On Demand, connecting to your ecosystem has never been easier. Our platform seamlessly connects you to all your partners, customers, suppliers, etc. You can focus on your business requirements and develop your business in the best conditions. Make it easy with Predell On Demand!

Reliability and security

The security of your data is a central issue for your company. With Predell On Demand your EDI environment is completely secure. Through our solution, Predell guarantees you a 100% reliable system, your information flows are well secured in all circumstances. Moreover, digitalization ensures continuity of services, a key point for your company. The exchange of your data is simplified and optimized. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Predell expertise and responsiveness

The strength of our company: the weaving of our experiences. Our only requirement is to satisfy you. Each customer is unique, with specific needs and constraints, which is why we offer you a solution that is entirely adapted to your requirements. To support you, Predell has a team of reactive experts, available to set up new flows or to intervene within very short deadlines. Our customers benefit from the expertise of over 20 years of projects.

Traceability and economy

Beyond the automation of exchanges, EDI is a key technology to guarantee the traceability of your data. Our solution gives you real-time visibility into your data. With Predell On Demand, your EDI costs are directly linked to the quantity of messages exchanged (orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.). Transparent pricing directly linked to your level of activity, based on a cost per message and a catalog of services. No hidden costs, you only pay for what you use.

If you have a question or a study, do not hesitate to contact us for a proposal. As a reminder, our first 4 mappings are always free…

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