Do you want to improve your skills and become more autonomous? Predell offers TradeXpress® training to help you improve your skills and get the most out of your business.

Our training is developed according to your business needs and expectations to help you better understand your digital transformation. Our trainers are also our EDI consultants in order to guarantee you an optimal result. Our experts have a perfect command of our services and solutions, they guarantee you a quality service, adapted to your business needs. They have the passion to transmit their knowledge and their experiences.

General information on TradeXpress®
Module 1:

Use of GCI TradeXpress® (Generix)

>> Overall architecture (environments management).

>> TradeXpress database.

>> Services management (shutdown / restart).

>> Transmission and reception scenarii.

>> Monitoring tools and system operation.

>> WebAccess management, parameterization.

RTE coding
Module 2:

>> TradeXpress® general architecture reminders.

>> Variables definition, coding instructions.

>> Cases of EDIFACT translators.

>> Structure of RTE source codes, compilation.

>> Standard functions.

TradeXpress® Designer
Module 3:

>> Use of TradeXpress® Designer.

>> Creation of a XML translator.

>> References files definition, XML.

TradeXpress® Modeler
Module 4:

>> TradeXpress® general architecture reminders.

>> Triggers, sequences, control, supervision.

>> Supervised work.

>> Overall présentation, process structure.

>> FTP processes, files manipulating.

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