Generix TradeXpress software is an agile and pragmatic answer to the need of electronic document exchanges between enterprises. It gives to the information system the capacity to accompany the company in its projects of digital transformation, by bringing a perfect piloting of the B2B dematerialized processes and a total Traceability of the events relating to these processes.

Its functional architecture is based on:

>>A business processes design tool.

>>A set of connectors for data transportation, databases and ERP interfacing.

>>An interface for system configuration and administration.

>>A data mapping development tool.

>>An eInvoicing module.

>>An interface for exchanges monitoring, event alarming and activity reporting.

Key benefits:

>>Coverage of business expectations through business process management and business flow governance.

>>Specific modules for invoice dematerialisation and B2B collaboration.

>>A pragmatic approach with a fast ROI.

>>A community of 1000 customers and 500 identified experts in 30 countries. PREDELL teams can assist you in the implementation and evolution of your Generix TradeXpress solution.

>>A unique solution for all your integration projects: EDI, B2B, MFT, ETL, EAI, ESB…

>>Costs and project implementation times reduced by a factor of 2 to 4..

>>A high-performance and highly available platform.

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