Predell’s TMA offer includes various services applicable to the scope of your EDI/EAI project:

>> Operation.

>> Corrective maintenance.

>> Evolving maintenance.

>> Incident follow-up.

>> Support.

>> Preventive maintenance.

>> Alert management.

>> Physical and telephone support.

The advantages of Predell’s TMA GCI TradeXpress®:

>> Control of maintenance costs.

>> Maintaining operational conditions by constantly adapting your platform to changes in your operational processes.

>> Optimized internal IT resources.

>> The possibility of positioning your TradeXpress® team on other projects.

>> More flexibility thanks to a better organisation of your IT team.

>> Better use of your platform thanks to the advice and support of our experts.

>> A better level of service.

>> Mastery of the technologies related to TradeXpress® and data exchange.

The advantages of Predell’s TMA:

>> Assurance of the reliability of business processes.

>> Flexibility.

>> Better use of platforms.

>> Better service level.

>> Control of maintenance costs.

>> Maintaining operational conditions in a changing environment.

>> Optimization of IT resources.

To date, the TMA offer concerns the GCI TradeXpress® solution. For other technological platforms, please contact us.

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