Business requirments document is essential to the implementation of any EDI/EAI or Traceability project in order to:

>> Enable all internal actors to formalise their needs in a consensual manner.

>> Establish a reference document for external stakeholders (providers and exchange partners)).

The writing of the Business requirments document is based on taking into account the current situation and, according to the expressed needs, it is possible to design a target solution for:

>> Trade data flows.

>> Links with the Information System (ERP or other systems in place).

>> Constraints to be respected (technical, organisational, human, budgetary, implementation, etc.).

>> Protocols to be used between the company.

>> and its different types of exchange partners.

>> Business processes to adapt or redefine.

For a Traceability solution, the Business requirments document will cover the following aspects:

>> Objects to be traced, whether individual elements or batches of products. In this case, PREDELL assists you in the optimal definition of batches.

>> “Marking” meaning the physical association between identifiers and objects by a suitable technological means (bar codes, Datamatrix codes, RFID, etc.).

>> Business processes to adapt or redefine.

>> Identifiers of these objects.

>> The EDI : types of messages and standards.

>> Traceability data recording in local systems or in shared third-party systems.

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