The universal traceability platform

The needs in terms of traceability are multiple and are becoming more and more pressing within the ecosystem of the company. They concern customer demand, the competitiveness of the company and the value chain as a whole or the regulatory requirements of a sector. 

For example:

>> Giving its customers full visibility on the stages of production of its products. 

>> Certify the origin of its products. 

>> Meet the regulatory requirements in force in a sector of activity. 

>> To proceed to the withdrawal of certain batches of products. 

>> To alert internal or external actors of the appearance of certain events.

>> Locate product batches along their value chain. 

>> Reduce the number of commercial disputes with customers and suppliers. 

Predell supports its clients in the design of their projects through an approach adapted to their context and needs. In order to meet these needs, we rely on Predell Trace, our universal traceability platform. It is a multi-sector and configurable solution with basic Traceability functionalities to which the Predell teams provide the level of customisation necessary for each business or company. 

An architecture open to all types of traceability

The Predell Trace platform has been specially designed to address all types of problems in a very flexible way. It is based on a traceability engine that enables precise tracking of all the events that occur during the circulation of individual objects or product batches in the various locations of the supply chain. The data processed by Predell Trace is automatically imported from the information systems of the parties involved in traceability (suppliers, processors, logisticians, etc.). Whether they are very small or large companies, all these entities can transmit their Traceability data thanks to the Predell Connect solution. The authenticity over time of the data used by Predell Trace can be certified thanks to a blockchain linked to the platform.  

Features of the Predell Trace tool:

>> Import of data without format constraints​

>> Parametric and universal data model​ 

>> Model and process configuration portal 

>> Database storage 

>> Management of user profiles 

>> Entry of traceability information 

>> Assistance in setting up traceability links (correspondence between batches sold and batches purchased)

>> Secure authentication, SaaS hosting or Licence in a virtualised environment (Kubernetes)  

>> Visual rendering on a web portal 

>> Advanced certification with a blockchain 

>> Storage of documents in all formats related to operations or traceability objects 

>> Search engine 

>> Publication of APIs for better interoperability​ 

>> Redundant and robust micro-services architecture for optimised processing and availability 

Predell Trace is a tool designed to fit:

>> If necessary, its generic data model and settings can be adapted to all situations​. 

>> To its environment, its APIs and export capabilities make it totally interoperable.​ 

>> To the expected security, Blockchain, secure exchanges and intelligent storage.​ 

>> To time, the tool can adapt and accept major changes over its lifetime.​ 

>> To technical evolutions, the micro-service architecture allows it to respond with precision (scalability and modularity)​. 

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