>> You need to communicate with all your business partners exchanging automatically with them orders, dispatch advices, delivery information, invoices or any commercial and logistics digital document…

>> You manage the information system of a professional sector and your databases must be automatically fed with data coming from your members,

>> You want to transmit files by a secure, easy and free of charge way (for example with the AS2 protocol)…

>> … or send delivery notes to all your customers directly from your information system would enable you to improve the quality of your operational processes,

>> Financial or reporting information from your subsidiaries poses problems of homogeneity or technical nature.

Predell Connect is the best value for money solution to meet all these needs

Perfectly adapted to all types of actors, from the very small to large companies, … Software is downloadable and installable very easily, it performs automatically and without any intervention:

>> Secure transmission of your files.

>> Possible data transformation into the standard format of the community or your sector of activity (EDIFACT, XML, etc.).

>> TMA option with a supervision of the execution through alert processing features.

>> Scenario execution with varying levels of complexity.

>> Alerts communication in case of dysfunction.

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