Food processing, mass distribution, industry, transport and logistics, etc, Whatever your core business, Predell will support you in each of your projects, from the expression of needs to maintenance, including the implementation of solutions.
At Predell, our ambition is to provide you with solutions specific to your business needs. Performance and satisfaction are the main priorities of our experts, to guarantee better management of your company’s data.

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EDI / EAI Solutions

Connect your company with the ecosystem with our electronic data interchange (EDI) and inter-application data interchange (EAI) solutions. The benefits are numerous: automation of commercial exchanges, reliability of exchanges, reduction of costs and processing times, etc. It becomes obvious to optimise and secure your data exchanges.

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Traceability solution

In a world where quality and safety are the key words, traceability is of paramount importance. Our traceability solutions allow you to track your products in an optimal and secure way, all along the value chain.

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