Predell on Demand

Predell On Demand is a SaaS evolutive platform enabling the execution of all your EDI exchanges. It can communicate using different protocols (AS2, SMTP, FTP, VAN, etc.) and any format of data (EDIFACT, XML Cefact, X11, etc.). It offers all the security guarantees:

>> Redundant equipments.

>> Security (24×7 on-site security guard, biometric scan & RFID badges, alarms monitored 24×7).

>> Power supply: 19 inverters, generator (50 hours autonomy on full load), etc.

>> Air conditioning: constant temperature and humidity.

>> Connectivity : more than 30 international operators available on site, free access to major IX (FranceiX, Hopus), satellite dish roof-space.

>> Fire protection: VESDA regularly tested.

>> Certifications pci-DSS, ISO 27001, HADS.

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