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The universal traceability platform.

Traceability needs are multiple and are increasingly vital within the company’s ecosystem. They concern customer demand, the competitiveness of the company and the value chain as a whole, and the regulatory requirements of a sector (certifications, batch location and visibility of stages, alerts, transparency, etc.)

Predell supports its clients in the design of their projects through an approach adapted to their context and needs. In order to meet these needs, Predell has developed Predell Trace, the new generic traceability service. Whatever your business, your procedures, your suppliers and your communication methods, Predell Trace will adapt to your needs. It provides you with a rigorous and precise follow-up of your data in order to identify the optimizations and origins of your activity. Minerals, electronics, agriculture, poultry farming, … and why not you?

Discover the five good reasons to equip yourself with our Predell Trace solution.

Reason 1: For its functionality

Predell Trace enables the traceability of all types of objects (individual or batches of products), from their place of production to their distribution. At each stage of their journey through the supply chain, a multitude of events can be recorded in the platform, whether they are manufacturing operations (machining, processing, elaboration, etc.), logistics operations (shipments, receipts, stock receipts and disbursements, etc.) or control operations (audits, measurements, analyses, samples, etc.). Specific documents can be associated with these events (delivery notes, control charts, analysis or measurement results, etc.).

Thanks to Predell Trace, it is possible to instantly retrace the path of an object from its origin (upward traceability) or to visualize all the places where this object has been used (downward traceability).

This makes it much easier to intervene after the fact, such as handling commercial disputes or withdrawing products.

All or part of the data recorded by Predell Trace can be certified by a blockchain.

Predell Trace is a multilingual solution that adapts to the language set by the user’s browser.

Reason 2: Because it meets the needs of all sectors of the economy

With Predell Trace, it is possible to obtain traceability of individual objects, valuable parts or components as in the aeronautics industry or product batches in the food industry. Predell Trace can also be applied to stored and distributed bulk materials such as in the mining industry.

The traceability of these objects is achieved by Predell Trace using their identifiers, themselves assigned by the Supply Chain actors, whether they are standard references (SSCC, GTIN, etc.) or business references (batch numbers). A whole set of data related to the application sector can be associated with traceability processing (weight, tonnage, nature, quality, chemical and environmental characteristics, etc.).

Reason 3: Its interoperability with all types of systems

Predell Trace is an external traceability platform that feeds on data collected and transmitted by the information systems of players in the entire supply chain, from very large companies to very small businesses.

To do this, Predell Trace uses all the data exchange systems used in all sectors of activity, in particular EDI and API, using all types of technical protocols that can be automated (eMail, sFTP, AS2, VAR, etc.).

For VSEs that do not have automated data exchange means, functionalities allow actors to enter their traceability data directly on the platform.

Reason 4: For its speed of implementation

Predell Trace is a customizable platform, which means that data specific to a sector or a company can be integrated without any specific development. The implementation of traceability with Predell Trace begins with a short definition phase concerning the actors involved and the associated views (workshops, establishments, companies, groups), the objects to be traced and the events to be retained. The parameterization of the data associated with these elements and the implementation of interfaces with external systems in collaboration with all the actors in the project quickly leads to a pilot system that can then be deployed to all the actors.

Reason 5: Benefit from Predell’s expertise in traceability

Our teams of consultants have strong business expertise acquired through projects in a wide range of industries (food and beverage, chemicals, aerospace and defense, mineral extraction, distribution, transportation and logistics). They are based on project and system design methods that are major guarantees of success.

Our assets, our team, our expertise. Predell has over 20 years of experience in the field of traceability and how to implement it to meet your needs. We are aware of the new stakes and will be reactive to bring precise and efficient answers. Predell has a complete mastery of the Predell Trace solution and can certify you a reactivity in the support. This is one of the company’s strengths today.

As you can see, our universal traceability solution makes it easy to track all events in the value chain. The Predell Trace solution is suitable for all types of industries and all types of companies, from small businesses to large corporations. Would you like to know more about Predell Trace? We offer you a specific demonstration of the solution according to your criteria. So don’t wait any longer, contact us.

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