Different situations can require a complete audit of the company’s EDI/EAI system:

>> The extension of the business to new markets.

>> The necessity of fluidifying the exchanges with the existing partners of the companies.

>> The report of the obsolescence of EDI facilities.

>> The implementation of EDI relationships with new suppliers or customers.

>> The need for improvement of the traceability of products throughout the supply chain.

A model based on feedback

PREDELL’s team provides those audits using a model stemming from experience feedback of hundred projects. This model includes around 200 key indicators for determining :

>> The capacity of the system to support the strategy of the company (types de flux).

>> The quality of its management.

>> Its costs (staff, maintenance, telecoms, energy, etc.).

>> The relevance of this system.

>> Its level of security (physical and logical).

>> Its level of risk prevention.

For each of these themes, the audit proposes a synthesis of the strengths, the weaknesses and the potential risks. It also proposes possible scenarios to reach the goals of the company, including the improvement of the current system. These scenarios are estimated in terms of return on investment.

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